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Northeast Memorial for the Unborn

A National Memorial for the Unborn was established in Chattanooga Tennessee to bring healing and hope to those who have been prisoners of the often-silent pain associated with the loss of a child to abortion. In addition, there are affiliate sites around the country, including the Northeast Memorial for the Unborn, located on the grounds of the Fountain of Life Center, 2035 Columbus Road, Burlington, NJ.

The National Memorial features a spectacular granite "Wall of Names" with small brass plates containing words of remembrances to honor unborn children lost to abortion. These plates are ordered by mothers, fathers, siblings, friends and grandparents from all over the country.

As an affiliate, the Northeast Memorial for the Unborn has a majestic polished black granite "Wall of Names" available for the placement of duplicate plates for people located within the Northeastern region of the United States. This memorial stone sits within a beautiful garden and is designed to be a place of healing and restoration for those who have had abortions or have been affected by abortion - mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings or friends.

In addition, in the midst of our garden is a "Pool of Tears" which is dedicated to children lost to miscarriage or stillbirth. Remembrance plates may also be placed on the Northeast Memorial for these children as well. (The National Memorial will only place plates for aborted children.) A third plate may be ordered for the individual's personal use.

The Northeast Memorial for the Unborn is available for private memorial services on the grounds for individuals, families, or churches. For more information about scheduling a memorial service or having a plate placed on the Wall of Names, please call (609) 499-2131.



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